Welcome to the Northwest Paper Chase

What is the Northwest Paper Chase?

Road Trippin' 2018

What's more fun than a small road trip?  Join us from April 1-30 2018 for a month long event that will allow you to travel through Oregon and Washington at your pace and when you have the time!  You will receive a passport to be stamped at each location.  This is your new passport to fun.

Swag Bags Anyone?

When you sign up for the 2018 Chase you will receive an amazing registration swag bag filled will fun craft items such as stamps, Washi Tape, Cutting Dies, Ribbon, and so much more from our sponsors. These will be sent to your home stores and will include your passports.

Discounts, I think YES!

Once the Chase starts you will receive 20% Off at every participating store when you spend $25.00 or more.  Your Paper Chase passport unlocks this deal and must be present.

More Rewards For Participating...

Along with the 20% discount, you will also receive either the first page of a 2 pg, 6x6 layout or a 2 card kit with a $25.00 or more purchase. This also makes you eligible to purchase the 2nd page or a 2nd card kit for $5.00, however, that's no all.  You will also receive a special charm at each location as a keepsake, for FREE with a $25.00 purchase!

Photo Opp

We are all paper crafters and understand the importance of pictures. At each location there will be a themed photo opp set up for you to take photo's to remember this trip by. This years theme is "A Springtime Road Trip Through the Northwest."

Drawings and Prizes!

At the end of the Paper Chase we will hold three drawings.  These Grand Prize Drawings are for things like visiting the most stores or sharing the most photo opp pics on our Facebook page.  It's going to be lots of fun.

Full list of Participant Rules...

Files coming soon.


Does it sound great? We think so...


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