What you need to know as a Participating Store...

What You Get

As a participating store you will get lots of exposure and build a great, local, customer base. The goal of the Northwest Paper Chase is to support local craft stores and help customers find where we are all hidden at.  What could be better than that?

What We Need

A registration fee of $50.00 and a signed agreement is what we need from you. There are some things we ask of you as a participating store to help make this event a huge success every year.   For a full list as well as the agreement you need to sign, please download the rules and requirements file below. 

What Happens Next

You've read the rules and requirements and have decided to become a participating store, we will need your stores contact information including, address and hours of operation sent to us.  We will also need you to email us a digital copy of your stores logo along with your signed agreement to: info@northwestpaperchase.com

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Store Rules and Requirements (pdf)


Have Questions Still?

If you still find that you have questions please contact us!

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