Why should you sponsor?

By sponsoring this event you will have an opportunity to create or build a customer base in the NW region with advertisement in our passports as well as on our website, social media sites, and fliers that are sent out to participating stores. This will give crafters who may not be familiar with your product an opportunity to see it, experience it, and get to know it.  We encourage coupons and advertisements for your company be sent to add into the registration Swag bags that our participants receive in order to help generate business for you.  We send out information about the sponsors to every store that participates.  This allows them the opportunity to learn about new products they can carry in their stores that they may not have been aware of before.  By sponsoring the Northwest Paper Chase you will help support the crafter community here in the northwest region.  In the last few years we have lost three major conventions in this region so our customers are in need, and in want of new and exciting products.  This is an opportunity to help provide that for them and get your company out there in the area stores. 

There are 4 ways to Sponsor

Sponsor Level 1

At this level of sponsorship we ask that you sponsor all 5 Grand Prize drawings and the 400 Swag bags.

Sponsor Level 2

At this level Sponsorship we ask that you sponsor just the Swag bags.

Sponsor Level 3

At this level sponsorship we ask that you sponsor just the Grand Prize drawings.

Sponsor Level 4

At this level sponsorship you can chose to sponsor extra prizes and drawing beyond what we already have planned.  

Are You Interested?

Email us at info@northwestpaperchase.com if you are interested in sponsoring this event.